Lineking icons

With great icons comes great flexibility. The result—Lineking. What began as an experiment in line icon exploration ended up in a massive collection of 1,000 distinct icons, equally segregated into 50 categories.

Each icon is expressive enough to remain memorable and minimal enough to be visually recognizable at small sizes, such as digital environments with dense layouts.

Key features

  • Rich in Details
    Each icon has enough details to look stunning in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Strong visual metaphors
    Each icon tells a different story, a combination of commonly-recognized symbols and wicked ones.
  • Ultra consistency
    All icons share a common visual language, such as curve radius, perspective, mood, and colors.
  • Line thickness control
    The Figma and Sketch files give you full control over the stroke weight.
  • Infinite scalability
    This goes without saying, but all icons are optimized vectors. Give it a try by using the icons on a highway billboard.

Bundle up

After the early success of Lineking, I designed a successor called Linequeen. While Lineking is based on the kind of lines, Linequeen uses additional color layers to add depth and character. Purchase both at a generous discount.

Get the Linekingdom bundle

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Fun fact: Did you know I got the idea for Lineking while on a 7-day train journey with the Transsiberian? No internet, no cellular, just me, my laptop on a shaking tray table, while watching the passing taiga scenes.