Linequeen icons

With great icons comes even greater flexibility. The result—Linequeen. This massive collection of 1,000 colorful icons, equally segregated into 50 categories, is a successor of the bestseller Lineking, already used by thousands of startups.

While Lineking relies entirely on strokes, Linequeen adds a layer of a harmonic palette of colors, creating a more playful dimension for each symbol.

Key features

  • Rich in Details
    Each icon has enough details to look stunning in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Strong visual metaphors
    Each icon tells a different story, a combination of commonly-recognized symbols and wicked ones.
  • Ultra consistency
    All icons share a common visual language, such as curve radius, perspective, mood, and colors.
  • Line thickness control
    The Figma and Sketch files give you full control over the stroke weight.
  • Colour customization
    Ability to adjust the colour palette. The use of shared styles in Sketch makes this a breeze.
  • Infinite scalability
    This goes without saying, but all icons are optimized vectors. Give it a try by using the icons on a highway billboard.

Bundle up

If you want to own both, Linequeen and Lineking, you can purchase them as one goodie at a generous discount.

Get the Linekingdom bundle

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Fun fact: Did you know I began designing Linequeen on my way back from Siberia? A 7-day train journey with the Transsiberian. No internet, no cellular, just me, my laptop on a shaking tray table, while watching the passing taiga scenes.